ATP Meaning in Text

What does ATP mean in slang? While there are some possibilities, there are two meanings of ATP that are considered common.

ATP meaning in chat

Typically, ATP means “Answer The Phone” in text or chat.

It may also mean “At That Point”.

Depending on the context of the conversation or the particular group of people involved, “ATP” could have different meanings. In the context of storytelling, “ATP” could indeed be used to mean “at that point” as a way of transitioning from one part of the story to another.

ATP might also be used in various platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Example of usage

ATP as “Answer The Phone”

Person A: (missed call 2 times)

Person B: hey, whatsup dude?

Person A: urgent! ATP!

In this example, Person A is using “ATP” to ask Person B to answer the phone immediately.

Example 2: ATP as “At That Point”

Person A: So, I was walking to the store when I saw this guy on the street corner-

Person B: Wait, which guy?

Person A: The one with the red hat and the skateboard.

Person B: Ah, got it. ATP, I was wondering who you were talking about.

In this example, Person B is using “ATP” to indicate that they understand which person Person A is referring to in their story.

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