What’s That KN Car Brand? (HINT: Actually It’s KIA)

Have you seen the new car brand “KN” somewhere on the street? Before you start scratching your head and wondering where this new brand came from, let me clear things up for you. There is no new car brand called KN. It’s actually KIA!

Yes, you read that right. The Korean carmaker, KIA, has changed its logo, and the new design might confuse some people into thinking it says “KN” instead of “KIA.”

The new logo features a stylized “A” that doesn’t have a horizontal line.

The stylized “A” in KIA’s new logo design lacks a horizontal line, which can cause confusion when it’s combined with the letter “I,” creating the appearance of the letter “N.” As a result, some people might mistake KIA’s new logo for “KN” instead of “KIA.”

The new design is sleek, modern, and instantly recognizable. It’s a departure from the old logo, which had been in use for more than two decades.

KN Car Logo

The new logo of KIA, which sometimes look like KN, resembles a handwritten signature, which symbolizes KIA’s commitment to creating moments of inspiration for its customers. The unbroken line of the logo conveys this promise, while its symmetry demonstrates confidence in the brand.

Furthermore, the rising gestures of the logo represent KIA’s ambitions for the brand and what it can offer to its customers. The new logo design is a reflection of KIA’s commitment to delivering innovative and inspiring products and services that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

KIA Car Brand

KIA is a South Korean automobile manufacturer that has been around since 1944. Initially, the company produced bicycle parts and eventually expanded into motorcycle and car manufacturing. Today, KIA is known for producing affordable yet high-quality cars, SUVs, and minivans.

KIA is also recognized for its innovative designs, excellent fuel efficiency, and reliable performance. The company has won numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study Award.

With a global presence in over 190 countries, KIA is one of the largest car brands in the world. The company has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and has been actively working to reduce its carbon footprint through its eco-friendly car models.


KIA’s new logo design might be mistaken for “KN” due to the stylized “A” in the logo lacking a horizontal line.

However, this is not a new car brand called “KN” but KIA’s updated logo design, which represents the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The new logo is not just a visual update, but a symbol of KIA’s new brand purpose and the values it promises to offer its customers through future products and services.

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