Forteen or Fourteen – Which Is Correct?

How do you spell 14 correctly in words? Is it forteen or fourteen?

The correct spelling of 14 is “fourteen”, not forteen.

It’s a simple yet important thing to know, especially when you are writing formal text or academic essay.

Forteen or Fourteen

You might have heard before about the spelling of 40, which is “forty”, not “fourty”.

What about 14? Do you need to include the u letter in the spelling?

Both 14 and 40 are numbers that have “4”. The number 4 itself is spelled “four”. And the correct spelling of 14 is “fourteen”.

Yep, it’s that simple.

What is Forteen?

Forteen is the misspelling of fourteen. Some people who uses this version might believe that the spelling of 14 is similar to the spelling of 40.

40 is spelled forty without u. However, 14 requires u inside the correct spelling. So, writing “forteen” to represent the 14 number is considered incorrect.

What is Fourteen?

Fourteen is the correct spelling of 14. Fourteen is the number that follows 13 and precedes 15. Fourteen is the sum of ten and four.

How to remember the spelling of 14

It’s pretty easy. You just need to remember that 14=4+10.

Fourteen=four+ten. You just need to add another “e” letter inside of the “ten”, so instead of fourten, spell it fourteen.

It’s similar to 16. 16= 6+ 10. Sixteen is equal to six+ten. Add another “e” letter so instead of sixten spell it sixteen.

It’s also similar to 17. 17=7+10. Seventeen is equal to seven+ten. Add another “e” so instead of seventen, spell it seventeen.

Spelling 14 is super simple. It’s fourteen, not forteen, not forten. I hope this helps! Thank you for reading 😊

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