Advise vs Advice – Which Is Correct?

Advise vs advice, what’s the difference?

Both “advise” and “advice” are valid words in the English language. However, they have different purposes.

In this post, you can learn the difference between advise and advice.

Advise vs Advice

The difference in meaning and usage

Advise with an S is a verb. Advise means to recommend something. It may also mean to inform.

Since “advise” is a verb, it has different forms. The verb 1 (base form) is “advise“, the verb 2 (past form) is “advised“, and the verb 3 (past participle) is also “advised“.

Advice with a C is a noun. Advice is the noun of advise. Advice means suggestions or recommendations.

Advice is an uncountable noun so it will always be “advice” whether it’s singular or plural.

To help you understand the difference between advice and advise, check out this quick example:

They advise me to write my ideas = Their advice is to write my ideas

The difference in pronunciation

Advice and advise has very similar spelling. However, the pronunciations are different.

Advice has C, which sounds like S in this case.

Advise has S, which sounds like Z in this case.

Advise vs advice examples

Down below are some examples of advise and advice in sentences.

Example 1:

advise you to start journaling to evoke mindfulness.

My advice for you is to start journaling to evoke mindfulness.

Example 2:

The doctor advised me to lose weight.

The doctor gave me some advice to lose weight.

Example 3:

My best friend advised me to see the doctor.

My best friend gave me some advice to see the doctor.

Example 4:

It’s a good idea to always listen before offering any advice.

It’s a good idea to always listen before advising something to someone.

Example 5:

Please advise

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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